@Play 47 – Casting News, Catching Knowledge

[Originally recorded on July 3, 2011]

Previously unreleased, no art, and the original edit lost, this episode has been rescued from discovered recordings and presented in a raw form as the final episode of AtPlay.

Nick Mangiaracina joins the usual crew for a discussion of Supreme Court rulings, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D’s save data snafu, and TF2 going free to play.

(Due to the nature of our conference call recording setup, the audio quality isn’t quite up to our usual standards.)

@Play 44 – For Your Health!

@Play 44 - For Your Health!

[Originally recorded on May 2, 2011]

This week in At Play we open up by discussing the ongoing PSN security debacle and how we think it will affect us as well as the PlayStation brand. The meat of this episode is our discussion on how games can affect a person’s mental and emotional health. Dan, as usual, has done a lot of research in the matter, but Cory and Brian come to the table with their own set of opinions. We close out the episode by discussing the second episode of Doctor Who Series 6.

@Play 43 – Who is Doctor Portal?

@Play 43 - Who is Doctor Portal?

[Originally recorded on April 25, 2011]

In an extra long episode, we catch up on everything we’ve been doing. Which is, watching TV and playing Portal 2. Cory then steps away as Dan and Brian discuss Doctor Who Series 6. The final segment, detailed talk on Portal 2, was recorded between Brian and Cory after they finished the single-player game.

From 0:47:59 to 1:04:30 – Doctor Who Series 6 spoilers.

From 1:04:56 to 1:44:49 – Portal 2 spoilers.

@Play 39 – You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Snarky Responses

@Play 39 - You've Got Questions, We've Got Snarky Responses

[Originally recorded on February 21, 2011]

In this episode, we answer questions that you guys sent in!

Including a monster question from Simcaster and a monster list of questions from Boss, we find ourselves out of time and must save the remaining questions for later.

We conclude with talk of the latest media and geekery we have recently enjoyed.