@Play 19 – Ring Ring

@Play 19 - Ring Ring

[Originally recorded on August 2, 2010]

We spend some time catching up on what we’ve all been playing including Warhawk, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Guild Wars. Dan tries to define various questing tropes from MMOs while Cory defends Guild Wars. A phone rings and talk of Alien Swarm follows.

Topics after the break include the latest Futurama, the Warehouse 13/Eureka crossover and zombies. The episode finishes with Dan trying to explain a Clint Hocking lecture on immersion. Listen till the very end to hear our video game proposal. Ghost Horse: the Facebook game.

@Play 18 – An Inception of Oblivion

@Play 18 - An Inception of Oblivion

[Originally recorded on July 26, 2010]

We begin this episode by discussing our thoughts on Inception and what we think about the movie. Be warned that there are spoilers so if you haven’t seen the movie yet GO SEE IT!

After Inception, we talk about the TV shows Being Human, Futurama, and Dr. Who.

We then talk about some video games with Transformice, Bayonetta, and, surprisingly, Oblivion being the main ones discussed.

We wrap up with some talk on video game and PC hardware and how we all hate Mac peripherals.


@Play 17 – Manjob

@Play 17 - Manjob

[Originally recorded on July 19, 2010]

In this very special episode of @Play we delve into gaming communities in general, and the CA community in particular. We are joined in our discussion by Nick Mangiaracina, leader, owner, and head honcho of the Couch Athletics community.

In our TV segment this week: We’ve all finally watched the same show! We’re all fairly pleased with the Futurama revival so far, Dan seems to dig Haven, and Brian is overly cryptic about his feelings on Inception.


@Play 16 – Always Comes Back to Horse Ghost

@Play 16 - Always Comes Back to Horse Ghost

[Originally recorded on July 12, 2010]

What are your comfort games? Ours include Team Fortess 2, Rock Band 2 and World of Warcraft.

We spend some time comparing Guild Wars and World of Warcraft. Dungeons, Loot and Auction Houses are discussed. We then share stories from our various experiences like ‘train wrecks’, AI pathing errors and general griefing. “Life is my MMORPG.”

TV talk: Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Futurama, Battlestar Galactica, Dungeons & Dragons (Animated) and Haven. Dan and Cory, using vague terms, try to talk about the James Bond movies.

And then there was horse ghost.

@Play 15 – It Has an Effective Nipple

@Play 15 - It Has an Effective Nipple

[Originally recorded on June 28, 2010]

We begin the cast by collecting our collective thoughts on collectibles. We examine our own personal stories of collection in games and try to determine what drives people to collect things in games.

We then go over the latest games we’ve been playing with highlights on Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Fallout 2, and Dragon Age (sorry, not a 2).

The cast ends with a spontaneous musical improvisation that is sure to be heard on radios nowhere!


@Play 14 – Polycarbonate Verisimilitude

@Play 14 - Polycarbonate Verisimilitude

[Originally recorded on June 21, 2010]

This week we discuss video game peripherals through the ages!

There’s discussion of Zappers, Menacers, Super Scopes, and even Game Boy Printers. We argue over whether game peripherals offer a higher level of verisimilitude, followed by a brief argument about whether or not we’re all a bunch of giant nerds for using the word ‘verisimilitude’ about fifty different times.

Enjoy the cheap plastic feel!

@Play 13 – Mr. UpTop and the Vibrating Chair

@Play 13 - Mr. UpTop and the Vibrating Chair

[Originally recorded on June 14, 2010]

We try to talk about the relationship between video game companies and the public. Then we get distracted. Talking about Valve leads us to unicorns, Portal 2 and huge… smiles. Sony says the PSP Go was a “test.” Does that mean the future will be digital downloads?

While we consider how much an artist’s political views influence their work, we touch on the controversy that surrounded Shadow Complex and mention the composer of the Dragon Quest music. In listing other controversial public relation work, Modern Warfare 2’s F.A.G.S. video, the Lust contest to promote Dante’s Inferno and the Internet backlash against Ubisoft’s latest always-connected DRM comes up and are discussed.

We come back from the break and any organization we had falls apart. What follows is a mostly unedited collection of random thoughts where discussions of roller coasters, Dan’s quotes from True Blood and something called Mr. UpTop are all mentioned.


@Play 12 – Infinite Dudes

@Play 12 - Infinite Dudes

[Originally recorded on June 7, 2010]

This podcast we explore where systems break down in games and where we start to see the “walls” or “The Matrix”. Examples of these include infinite spawns in Call of Duty 4, gargoyles in Batman, and relationships in Mass Effect 2.

We also investigate collections and hoarding of media in our lives and how each of our personalities affects how we collect.

We finish up by investigating how stories get retold either across media boundaries (book to film for example) or by entire remakes which evolves into TV talk.


@Play 11 – LOST

@Play 11 - LOST

[Originally recorded on May 24, 2010]

We take a short break from discussing video games for our all TV extravaganza!

We respond to the final episode of Lost. Dan hates it, Cory loves it, and Brian disagrees with both of them.

The conversation eventually turns to how we think Lost will affect the future of sci-fi dramas on television, and what’s still worth watching in terms of televised science fiction.

With Lost out of the way, we geek out a little about Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Fringe, and we lament about how hard it is to find ‘pure sci-fi’ on television.

We wrap up by talking about stories in video games. Dan thinks they’re all dumb, Cory thinks that there are some great stories in games, and Brian disagrees with both of them.

@Play 10 – Anti-Fanboy Fanboys

@Play 10 - Anti-Fanboy Fanboys

[Originally recorded on May 17, 2010]

Dan and Cory duel-cast.

Dan tries to be an advocate for scoring games. Cory prosecutes. If book reviews followed how video games are reviewed, they would be really bizarre.

Game reviewers and graft: we question the relationship between some video game publishers and magazines. We mention the struggle between Activision and Infinity Ward before looping back to retrospective reviews.

Multiplayer games can change over time. Does that mean that initial reviews are still accurate months or even years later?
We explore this issue using examples like Team Fortess 2 and World of Warcraft.

Metacrtic: aggregation or aggravation? Who can you trust when it comes to reviews?
“The best game ever”: we discuss the extremes of fan reactions to reviews.

Demonstrating the very reactions we dislike, Cory and Dan initially argue over Lost before settling in to discuss the details of the latest episode.
We compare the ending of Battlestar Galactica to how we feel Lost might end. Cory then reads a quote and Dan tries to define his tastes.

We end on trying to figure out where the actors who have left Lost are now. Dan proves that he has been watching The Vampire Diaries and Merlin.
Cory poses some fan fiction ideas on how relationships should end. We then suggest some ideas for Conan’s new show.

Bonus clips include: Red Faction Guerrilla, The Elder Scrolls series of games.