@Play 28 – Minecraft. Let me show you it.

@Play 28 - Minecraft. Let me show you it.

[Originally recorded on October 4, 2010]

A simple conversation about Minecraft gets derailed by a discussion on how and why we make game narrative choices. We recount our personal decisions in games like Mass Effect and Fallout 3 while also making suggestions for ways game developers might improve moral and ethical choices for the future. Once that tangent is out of the way we get down to the real topic: Minecraft.

Minecraft. Minecraft. Minecraft.

@Play 27 – Poorly Defined Eyes

@Play 27 - Poorly Defined Eyes

[Originally recorded on September 26, 2010]

In this episode, we a re joined by a special guest–CA’s very own Boss1000!

The five of us discuss our most memorable game endings. Including Zelda, Diablo, Half Life, The Witcher, and countless others, we discuss those endings that have stayed with us and still resonate in our minds.


@Play 25 – Pod Was Casting

@Play 25 - Pod Was Casting

[Originally recorded on September 13, 2010]

It was AD 2010 and we were recording an episode. From within our nostalgia, we set up audio from Metroid Prime, BioShock, the Half-Life 2 episodes and even Far Cry 2 as we describe our most memorable game beginnings. Also, Animal Crossing is probably about prostitution.

What you say? TV talk after the break? Rifftrax and Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, go!

@Play 24 – I Just Wanna Know Where Da Gold

@Play 24 - I Just Wanna Know Where Da Gold

[Originally recorded on September 6, 2010]

In this episode we talk about the different economies that exist in single and multiplayer games and how they can affect both our enjoyment of and the way we play the game. From the infinite gold of Oblivion’s merchants to the player set prices of lockpicks in Guild Wars, we have numerous examples to illustrate the differing economies.

In the second half we talk about our enjoyment of Rifftrax and some TV talk.


@Play 23 – LOLcatheters

@Play 23 - LOLcatheters

[Originally recorded on August 30, 2010]

This week on the podcast, Dan, Cory, Brian, and Ayla gush all over their favorite outlets for gaming news and editorials. Talk of catheters abounds for some horrible reason thats probably mostly Brians fault. We collectively lament the end of The Idle Thumbs Podcast, and lavish praise on all of our other favorite gaming blogs, websites, and podcasts.

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the TV talk segment: THE RETURN OF LOST! Sort of. Cory just picked up the sixth season on DVD and he seems very pleased with the bonus Epilogue that “answers” all of the islands greatest “mysteries.”

Enjoy it!

@Play 22 – Wheres the Fun?

@Play 22 - Wheres the Fun?

[Originally recorded on August 23, 2010]

Using Michael Abbott’s (Brainy Gamer) collection of “Fun Factors” [http://www.brainygamer.com/the_brainy_gamer/2010/08/fun-factors-catalog.html], we examine why we like video games. What do you look for? Sweet loot? A detailed world? Fluidity of movement? The ability to destroy everything? We touch on all of these as we reflect on our favorite video games of the past and present.

Dan talks about Star Trek (again), and recommends Dark and Stormy Night. Brian and Ayla saw Scott Pilgrim Versus The World. Cory is still watching Monty Python and closes out the episode with making strange noises.


@Play 21 – Colon Massaging Action

@Play 21 - Colon Massaging Action

[Originally recorded on August 16, 2010]

In this episode, we discuss those games that make you want to throw the controller through a wall and snap the game in half. We discuss our most memorable different games and game mechanics, among them Mega Man, Shoot-Em-Ups, and battery saves.

Afterwards, we discuss the new Bioshock: Infinite trailer and its implications that the flying city has too many babies and they thus must compete on a TV game show styled after Legends of the Hidden Temple.

We wrap up with books and TV talk.


@Play 20 – Hold on to our Butts

@Play 20 - Hold on to our Butts

[Originally recorded on August 9, 2010]

In this Episode of At Play we discuss what we’ve been playing.

Brian, unusually enough, has played some video games! And he won’t shut up about them! Hear him gripe about/praise Demon’s Souls difficulty, celebrate his completion of Arkham Asylum, and discuss his fascination with ‘fluids’ in Pixeljunk Shooter. Cory talks about how he totally beat Guild Wars. And Dan, well, he’s sunk back into his WoW addiction. Our Special Guest, Ayla, talks for a little while about Portal, Penumbra: Overture, and Cave Story.

Of course, we also have our usual TV Talk about Futurama and other shows that were canceled before their times, as well as our excitement about the upcoming Walking Dead series.