@Play 9 – Shut Up, Wesley

@Play 9 - Shut Up, Wesley

[Originally recorded on May 10, 2010]

We start with TV talk, our current To-Watch queues and then we attack Cory. (He has yet to watch Batman Begins.) We can’t go too long without mentioning Lost though. While trying to relate what we liked about the latest episode of Lost, we stumble through pop culture references, Dan’s tangents and the occasional crude joke.

We then mention how much we’ve seen of and if we like the various Star Trek series and movies. Brian reviews each movie in a few sentences as Dan and Cory interrupt. This dissolves into talking about TV show syndication, the “Reset” button and fan expectations.

A quick tangent into Sex Madness, the movie (1938) and actual symptom, flows out from the break. Talk on diseases for diseases and addictions for addictions follow this. Somehow we transition into short films based on video games. One of us doesn’t like Jason Statham very much.

Finally getting around to talking about video games, we start the discussion with Nels Anderson’s “In medium ludum” and which games start in media res. Jumping between basic story strategies, gamer intention and exploring in games, we try to define what makes a video game’s story good or not.

Creation in games brings us to Halo’s Forge, Spore and Little Big Planet. We like, but are not good at, making our own levels in games. Sometimes we harm the Sims we love. Ofttimes, we spend years making the best SimCity or SimCoaster. Brian blows us away with his knowledge of roller coasters.

We end on Legos: building things, current video games and an idea from Cory.

Bonus clips include: voice actors on Futurama, Star Trek techno-babble and retro-futurism.

@Play 8 – Deep Fried Diamonds

@Play 8 - Deep Fried Diamonds

[Originally recorded on May 3, 2010]

We begin by discussing the recent talk about making it illegal to sell Mature games to minors and how it seems that video games are being singled out as opposed to mature TV, movies, books, etc.

Somehow we then made our own this is why we’re fat segment with some surprisingly tasty results!

Then we investigate how we manage our virtual worlds in strategy games and sims.

We end with a discussion on the question “If we could change one thing in a game, what would it be?” and explore both good and bad storytelling (and gameplay) in games.

Also, some TV talk.


@Play 7 – BeverageShock

@Play 7 - BeverageShock

[Originally recorded on April 26, 2010]

We begin by discussing our “guilty games” — the games that we are ashamed to admit playing (or lack thereof). This morphs into a discussion on flash and Facebook games.

We then discuss what games we would give to someone as their very first game. We go into different control schemes, age differences, etc.

After this, we observe how RPGs are just like cranberries in that they’re getting into all the other genres.

We wrap up with current Lost theories and a Lost/Hamlet crossover and the latest news on Sleep is Death.


@Play 6 – Why? Looking Back

@Play 6 - Why? Looking Back

[Originally recorded on April 19, 2010]

We begin by discussing how we personally got into gaming and how the three of us have grown up playing games in our own unique ways.

Once we cover our gaming history to the present, we investigate why each of us is still into gaming and why it has become an important part of our lives.

We finish up with our then current Lost theories.

We wanted to discuss our personal involvements in gaming and how it has influenced us as we have grown in order to get you, the listener, to investigate your personal gaming history and reflect back on all your favorite moments. We hope you enjoy!

@Play 5 – Sleep is Death

@Play 5 - Sleep is Death

[Originally recorded on April 12, 2010]

With a brand new audio setup!

We begin by discussing the new Jason Rohrer game Sleep is Death and its unique playstyle based on improvisation and creativity. We explore some sessions we have done and where we think the game will go once it is officially released.

We follow up with the games we have been playing as well as discussing our current Lost theories.

Also, a hidden surprise at the end.


@Play 4 – Organ Trail

@Play 4 - Organ Trail

[Originally recorded on April 5, 2010]

We begin with a discussion on how a developer’s country and/or culture can affect the video games they make.

Secondary topics include learning from games/educational games, online improv in both drawing and story (with an introduction to Sleep is Death), and a discussion on crossgaming (playing as a character of the opposite gender).

Our main topic is an observation on death in games and how death can shape the way we play.

We finish up by comparing gamers as either a Connoisseur or a Junkie and how we feel that we play games.

This is our last episode with poor audio!

@Play 3 – Dude, Pappy went down The Path to meet Billy Joe

@Play 3 - Dude, Pappy went down The Path to meet Billy Joe

[Originally recorded on March 29, 2010]

With special guest Ayla!

In this episode we begin by talking about Day 1 and on-disk DLC, DLC that extends/changes games, and the idea of paying for game demos.

Next we talk about games we wish there were remakes/reboots/more of as well as games that we think should be left alone.

The main discussion of this episode revolves around how games affect us as players, be they mainstream, indie, or even flash games.

We wrap up the episode by addressing some listener questions and discussing our (then) current Lost theories.

Bonus! Newly recovered and added to the end of the main episode is a bonus “lost section” of the podcast that is presented in a more raw form to preserve its fun. In this “lost section” we talk about GamerCrush and the current trend of socialization of games, but also launch into various topics that continue to make all four of us break into laughter. Also, Ol’ Pappy makes his debut!


@Play 2 – Kryptonite Enema

@Play 2 - Kryptonite Enema

[Originally recorded on March 22, 2010]

In this episode we begin with talking about music in games and which pieces have stuck with us over the years.

Next, we discuss how long companies should produce patches and DLC and whether a game can have too much.

After this we investigate the prisoner’s dilemma of glitching and exploiting in multiplayer games and whether we would glitch/exploit ourselves.

In the middle of the cast we talk a bit about the current trend of superheroes becoming darker and/or tragic as well as our current Lost theories.

We end with an investigation into what makes a horror game actually scary/tense which ends up rounding back to the music discussion at the beginning of the podcast.

@Play 1 – Our Imaginary Friend, Cory

@Play 1 - Our Imaginary Friend, Cory

[Originally recorded on March 15. 2010.]

In this episode we discuss female characters in games and try to deduce why there aren’t that many as opposed to male characters.

Next, we discuss whether we think games today are too easy with examples from Rock Band, Final Fantasy 13, and more.

Following that, we talk about achievements in games and whether they are harmful to the both the play experience and OCD tendencies of gamers.

We end the podcast with discussion on our current Lost theories and where we think the final season is headed.

@Play – Episode 0 – A Special Episode

@Play - Episode 0 - A Special Episode

[Originally recorded on March 8. 2010.]

We talk about video games. And popular culture. And news. And games.

Topics include:
– Borderlands
– Fallout
– Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
– Batman
– Just Cause 2 Demo
– Mass Effect
– Portal
– Left 4 Dead DLC
– Valve
– Ubisoft DRM

This episode was a trial run after which we decided to continue recording regularly, changing our style in the process.