@Play 37 – Employed Video Game Enthusiasts

@Play 37 - Employed Video Game Enthusiasts

[Originally recorded on January 24, 2010]

Brian, Cory and Dan spend time talking about how getting jobs has changed how and why they play games. While they have less time, they often have money to buy the games they really want. Dan overuses the phrase “It’s funny” and each of them admits to pirating software in the past.

The second segment is an interview with Shawn Andrich, co-host and co-founder of Gamers With Jobs site and podcast. We talk to him about balancing life and gaming. As you get older, he says, it becomes more about fitting gaming into your life instead of your life around gaming.

Closing segment includes book recommendations of House of Leaves, Raw Shark Texts and Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town. We end with talk of Shakespearean adaptations and the rumor of more Matrix movies.

@Play 36 – Gaming on a Budget

@Play 36 - Gaming on a Budget

[Originally recorded on January 10, 2011]

We begin by discussing how the three of us game on a budget and the various ways that you can get great gaming experiences without having to shell out lots of cash.

Following that there are some stories including hotels and K-Marts.

We finish up with a discussion on The Walking Dead graphic novel, what happens in the first 8 volumes, and how it differs from the show. Be aware–there are spoilers!

@Play 35 – GOTY Edition

@Play 35 - GOTY Edition

[Originally recorded on December 27, 2010]

In their much belated holiday episode, Dan, Cory, and Brian are trapped in their respective homes under a thick layer of snow, but that doesn’t stop them from reminiscing about the great games that they played in 2010.

They also recount some of the CA community’s top picks for 2010 with Mass Effect 2 and Fallout: New Vegas being among the most popular choices.

@Play 34 – Woohoo Surprise

@Play 34 - Woohoo Surprise

[Originally recorded on December 13, 2010]

What starts as a simple question of “What games made you think?” by CA’s very own Chet, spiraled slowly out of control into ultimately losing control of pinatas and a story of making Sims have sex.

We come back to talk of The Walking Dead. We like it. You might. Give it a try.

@Play Black Friday Special – 33.3% Off

@Play Black Friday Special - 33.3% Off

[Originally recorded on November 26, 2010]

In this episode, we explore Black Friday shopping in its various incarnations. Cory and Dan visit some stores in the early morning while Brian shops online. Each of us brings a different outlook as we record our reactions on things witnessed, read or heard about on this ultimate holiday of consumerism.

Note: The audio quality drops below our normal production values in places. Much of the recording with Cory and Dan took place in a car while it was in motion and the audio reflects this.

@Play 33 – Zombie Wizards

@Play 33 - Zombie Wizards

[Originally recorded on November 22, 2010]

In this episode we recount our adventure to the movie theater to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and we discuss our thoughts on the movie as well as the series as a whole. Don’t worry–no Part 2 spoilers just yet.

After the break we talk about The Walking Dead episodes we have seen thus far as well as how the story relates to the comic series.


@Play 32 – Zoom Into Our Fingers

@Play 32 - Zoom Into Our Fingers

[Originally recorded on November 8, 2010]

Spoiler Tags Lie Ahead, Harry.

Join Dan, Cory, and Brian on an adventure of epic proportions as they spoil various sidequests in New Vegas, as well as major plot points in “Let The Right One In”. We also discuss the delightful and painstakingly animated “Coraline”, the trippy bizarre antics of Japanese horror flick “House”, and our impressions of “The Walking Dead” on AMC.

@Play 31 – The Walken Dead

@Play 31 - The Walken Dead

[Originally recorded on October 25, 2010]

We spend time with Jorge Albor and Scott Juster of Experience Points [http://experiencepoints.blogspot.com/] sharing what we like and don’t like about video games that feature zombies. (Neat fact: Brian hates zombies.) We close out that discussion with our thoughts on using zombies as an allegory for more controversial subjects, and if video games can and should do that.

In the second segment, we try to stay on topic about games that feature zombies as secondary or even peripheral enemies. We stray into quick tangents of Minecraft, where zombies come from and what causes them before settling into mostly movie talk.


@Play 30 – More Minecraft!

@Play 30 - More Minecraft!

[Originally recorded on October 18, 2010]

To start the cast off, we talk to Leigh Alexander about “The New Immersion” of games as well as the interesting trends games are taking.

Afterward, we talk about Minecraft some more and talk to ichthys and CPYR about the multiplayer Minecraft server they help administer.

We wrap up with crazy things we used to do in High School as well as talk of cheese.