@Play 9 – Shut Up, Wesley

@Play 9 - Shut Up, Wesley

[Originally recorded on May 10, 2010]

We start with TV talk, our current To-Watch queues and then we attack Cory. (He has yet to watch Batman Begins.) We can’t go too long without mentioning Lost though. While trying to relate what we liked about the latest episode of Lost, we stumble through pop culture references, Dan’s tangents and the occasional crude joke.

We then mention how much we’ve seen of and if we like the various Star Trek series and movies. Brian reviews each movie in a few sentences as Dan and Cory interrupt. This dissolves into talking about TV show syndication, the “Reset” button and fan expectations.

A quick tangent into Sex Madness, the movie (1938) and actual symptom, flows out from the break. Talk on diseases for diseases and addictions for addictions follow this. Somehow we transition into short films based on video games. One of us doesn’t like Jason Statham very much.

Finally getting around to talking about video games, we start the discussion with Nels Anderson’s “In medium ludum” and which games start in media res. Jumping between basic story strategies, gamer intention and exploring in games, we try to define what makes a video game’s story good or not.

Creation in games brings us to Halo’s Forge, Spore and Little Big Planet. We like, but are not good at, making our own levels in games. Sometimes we harm the Sims we love. Ofttimes, we spend years making the best SimCity or SimCoaster. Brian blows us away with his knowledge of roller coasters.

We end on Legos: building things, current video games and an idea from Cory.

Bonus clips include: voice actors on Futurama, Star Trek techno-babble and retro-futurism.