@Play 37 – Employed Video Game Enthusiasts

@Play 37 - Employed Video Game Enthusiasts

[Originally recorded on January 24, 2010]

Brian, Cory and Dan spend time talking about how getting jobs has changed how and why they play games. While they have less time, they often have money to buy the games they really want. Dan overuses the phrase “It’s funny” and each of them admits to pirating software in the past.

The second segment is an interview with Shawn Andrich, co-host and co-founder of Gamers With Jobs site and podcast. We talk to him about balancing life and gaming. As you get older, he says, it becomes more about fitting gaming into your life instead of your life around gaming.

Closing segment includes book recommendations of House of Leaves, Raw Shark Texts and Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town. We end with talk of Shakespearean adaptations and the rumor of more Matrix movies.