@Play 3 – Dude, Pappy went down The Path to meet Billy Joe

@Play 3 - Dude, Pappy went down The Path to meet Billy Joe

[Originally recorded on March 29, 2010]

With special guest Ayla!

In this episode we begin by talking about Day 1 and on-disk DLC, DLC that extends/changes games, and the idea of paying for game demos.

Next we talk about games we wish there were remakes/reboots/more of as well as games that we think should be left alone.

The main discussion of this episode revolves around how games affect us as players, be they mainstream, indie, or even flash games.

We wrap up the episode by addressing some listener questions and discussing our (then) current Lost theories.

Bonus! Newly recovered and added to the end of the main episode is a bonus “lost section” of the podcast that is presented in a more raw form to preserve its fun. In this “lost section” we talk about GamerCrush and the current trend of socialization of games, but also launch into various topics that continue to make all four of us break into laughter. Also, Ol’ Pappy makes his debut!